Laminate flooring is said to be a great alternative for hardwood flooring. This is in terms of being practical and in terms of money too. They make your house look great and on top of it, it can be easily maintained. Thus, it is a durable option for any house floor and has become a favourite for many homes. Not to mention its White or Black Laminate Flooring options making the rounds now.

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Laminate flooring use a high-density fibreboard core. This is with a resin impregnated paper backing. The picture that you have on the laminate is resin impregnated and it is melamine in the wear layer. That is the reason why this fibreboard is very important for this laminate floorings because both the picture film and the wear layer are very hard and when 

bent they can be very brittle and easily broken.

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Wear Layer

A Melamine wear layer is used in this case. Though it is hard, it has a little lateral strength because a small bent can break it easily. However, when it is bonded with a fibreboard core, it becomes hard and scratch-resistant. Any kind of stains can also be easily wiped off.

Picture Films

Here for laminate floorings, paper picture films are used that is later on impregnated with resin material. This will make the film harder, but again very weak with a slight bend. That is why we have a fibreboard core for support. 

The Core

For Laminate flooring, a high-density fibreboard core is used. However, you need to make sure that you buy the best cores as the cheaper ones are more prone to water damage. Thus, hiring a good rated contractor becomes very important, and this can be done with the help of Flooring domain, which can help you check the reviews of all the companies even before you hire them. So, in another way, if you are a contractor, you can post your work on this site where customers can get connected to you. 


Laminate flooring has much longer boards available on the market, ranging from 1.2 m to around 2.26 m long.


Laminate flooring has become a favourite for many homes. As we mentioned earlier, it is good looking, affordable and convenient to be maintained. On the other hand, it is resistant to burn, scratch and stains. So, it can go well for high-traffic areas like the doorways, hallways and even the kitchen. 

Laminate flooring come in different levels of thickness, each suitable for different areas of residential as well as commercial places too. Thus, in short, this flooring can give you a look of hardwood, but with excellent protection.