Impacts, scrapes and other blows of different intensities can damage the bumper of our vehicle. All of them cause cracks and fissures that can be very cumbersome, but that we can fix at bumper repair Culver City, without spending a lot of money, in a short period. The vast majority of today’s car bumpers are made of ABS, due to their resistance to impacts and their lightness. Their welding temperature is between 300 ° C and 350 ° C. With rod welding, the technical characteristics of the piece will remain intact, saving us the passage through the sheet metal and painting workshop.

Mistake 1: Starting to weld without having all the necessary equipment

For the repair, we will need a manual welder, a sander, a drill with a drill bit and milling cutter and the extrusion rod or rods of the thermoplastic material in which the bumper is made. It is a fundamental rule to be able to make the union that the rod is of the same thermoplastic material that we want to repair.

Mistake No 2: Not disassembling the part to be repaired.

In small cracks, it seems that it is not necessary to remove the piece to work with it. However, it can make it difficult to work comfortably. The bumpers cover the front, rear and side of the vehicle, so access is sometimes awkward, especially when the repair requires some time.

Mistake 3: Not cleaning the area thoroughly or removing adhesives, if any.

Cleaning the area to be repaired, and a nearby contour, is essential. For example, in the case of an impact against another car, against a bollard or with another element of a parking lot, which has caused a crack, it is very common for there to be traces of paint in the area. On the other hand, if there is any adhesive in the area, as occurs for example with motorcycle fairings, which usually carry them, they must be removed. This operation can be carried out by applying moderate heat to the area, although it should not be exceeded, since the plastic could melt.

Mistake 4: Forgetting basic precautions, especially when we are welding

The simplicity of the welding process can lead to a certain confidence that can be dangerous. Never forget that a manual soldering iron can reach very high temperatures in a very short time. Therefore, it is essential to remember not to touch the machine at the end through which the rod is extruded, nor when it is being extruded. It will not hurt to cover your hands with protective gloves.

Mistake 5: Sand the repaired area before the solder has cooled.

The eagerness to finish the operation before time can play a trick. The solder takes a short time to cool down and, therefore, take hold, but it must be respected so as not to affect the characteristics of the new joint. After sanding, the area is repainted. If necessary, the entire bumper piece can be painted.

It is recommended to go to the nearest car repair store, as you can never have the same result if you do the repair on your own.