Besides being able to do diving, snorkeling, and swimming activities to enjoy the Panorama of the Underwater Paradise of Indonesia, Wakatobi National Park also offers beautiful clean white sandy beaches that will certainly make your vacation comfortable in Wakatobi. Here are the 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Wakatobi that you can visit and enjoy their beauty while on vacation to Wakatobi National Park.

  1. Moli’i Sahatu Beach

Moli’i Sahatu Beach has a beautiful panoramic view of the beachand has its own uniqueness, namely the existence of about 100 fresh water springs that emerge from the seabed. If you are interested, you can stop by Patuno Village, Wangi-Wangi District, Wakatobi Regency. Here you will be greeted with a stretch of clean white sand with clear sea water with a bluish green color.

  1. Sausu Beach

Located in Matahora Village, South Wangi-Wangi District, Wakatobi Regency, Sausu Beach has a clean and soft white sand stretch. From this beach, you can see the beautiful panorama of the exotic Matahora Island. Besides enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of the beach, you can also do swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling or diving activities to enjoy the amazing underwater panorama.

  1. Waha Beach

You can also stop by Waha Beach when you are on vacation in Wakatobi National Park in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This beach, with a beautiful charm stretches across a wide stretch of clean white sand wrapped with green trees that add to the beauty and coolness of this beach. Waha Beach has an amazing underwater view so that you can do snorkeling and diving activities on this beautiful beach. In addition, on this beach you can also relax while enjoying the amazing sunset.

  1. Hoga Beach

Hoga Beach has a stretch of clean white sand with clear and calm sea water and a beautiful underwater panorama, beautiful like heaven. A variety of coral reefs decorated with colorful fish and another marine biota, as well as an underwater laboratory, will make you feel at home for a long on this beach. In addition to having stunning beaches and underwater views, Hoga Beach is also equipped with several cottages belonging to the Kaledupa community managed by Operation Wallace at quite affordable prices.

  1. Sombano Beach

You can also stop at Sombano Beach, located in Sombano Village, Kaledupa District, Wakatobi Regency. Here you will be greeted with clean and natural white sand, beach vegetation that is still tight, and enjoy the sunset over the twilight horizon while sitting back and enjoying a drink of young coconut ice. The clean and cool air will make you feel at home for long on this beautiful beach.

  1. Peropa Beach

Peropa Beach, located in Peropa Village, South Kaledupa District, Wakatobi Regency, has a stretch of clean white sand and is a mooring place for Peropa people’s boats. If you visit in the morning, you will witness the activities of the fishermen returning home looking for fish. In addition, you can also buy these fresh fish at very affordable prices. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere when the sun sets in the evening while relaxing grilling fish with your partner.

  1. Huntete Beach

Huntete Beach is located in Kulati Village, East Tomia District, Tomia Island. The longest and widest beach on Tomia Island is wrapped with clean white sand and green coconut trees along its coastline. This curved beach has a wide field overgrown with grass and thorny tongue-in-law where this location can be used as a place for mass grilling of fish.

Then not far from this beach there is also a cave called Liang Kuri-Kuri Cave. Inside the cave overlooking the open sea is a lot of overgrown by yellow moss. This cave is sacred by the local community so that if anyone passes through the mouth of the cave the fishermen are always careful and often throw betel nut.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.