A questionnaire is a powerful tool that not only helps an HR professional understand areas of growth but also increases employees’ sense of significance. Check its importance for business motivation in the article below.

Why does an employee need the questionnaire?

Humans have a desire to be liked in both everyday and professional environments. In addition, it is important for many to like management and always live up to expectations because a person’s career and financial well-being depend on it. This is why most people will never honestly say what they think about working for a company if the survey is open-ended.

According to Forbes research, employees who see that their opinion is important to management are 4.6 times more likely to perform their work with greater productivity and effectiveness. But when providing open feedback to the management, employees may experience mental blocks.

A questionnaire allows you to inform the employee about how his activity is perceived by other people, what reaction it causes, and what consequences it has for the company. Thanks to the tools that answer the questions of how to create a questionnaire, you can do the following:

  • show the employee how valuable he is to the company and support his motivation level;
  • show the employee a goal and set a task for him;
  • find out the reasons for the employee’s mistakes or low motivation.

What is the best alternative for creating questionnaires?

An online survey is a good alternative to market research. Of course, to conduct a deep niche analysis, you need the help of a marketer. And for less global studies, you can use various programs for questioning. Such services are used for small surveys or quizzes and help you to make your own survey. Everyone has their own goal: to explore a new audience, attract customers, and find out opinions about the product.