While what a person involved in an accident is dealing with is of no comparison to what someone who witnessed it is going through, it is vital to consider the emotions being stirred up in a witness. With a dozen questions in mind about the incident, it can be overwhelming enough for a witness to leave them indecisive on what to do next.  

If you are in such a situation, remember it is natural to feel this way. In this case, as stated below, it is good to learn more about the steps to take in this regard as a witness of the car accident. 

  • Bring yourself to safety.

Though the accident has not physically impacted you, getting off the road in such situations is better to avoid further crashes or traffic in and around the spot. Being a witness, whether as a pedestrian, a motorcyclist, or a driver, it is of utmost importance to ensure your safety first. While the laws do not require you to stop by, you could do so to aid the people involved in the accident if you wish to. In such a case, if you own a vehicle, park it in a safe place with the flashers on.

  • Contact emergency services

Usually, the people involved in the accident call up the police and medical services in such cases. But, if they are not in the state to do so due to their injuries, call 911 to alert and document the accident and ask for medical and police assistance services. 

  • Provide people with medical help.

 If you can, help bring the people who encountered the accident to a safer spot. This must be done only if the vehicle is in a condition to catch fire, as sometimes the injuries could worsen on moving a person. Check for injuries while the emergency services arrive. Try to provide as much first aid as possible and take note of their medical condition. Comforting them in possible ways is a highly appreciable way of dealing with the situation. 

  • Exchange contact information

Remember that being a witness to any accident comes with the responsibility to provide as much information to the people involved and the police when asked for. This will help to hold the liable person in charge, thus allowing the victim to claim compensation. Cooperate with the people and the police for their documentation purposes. Share your contact information to help people contact you for court trial witness purposes, if necessary. Try not to allow anyone involved to leave the accident spot without sharing their contact information.