Importing has suddenly picked a great demand especially in Canada. With more number of people realizing the benefits of using an imported car, the work of customs agents has doubled. On the other end, America has enjoyed a great sale on vehicles, especially by Canadians buyers. Thus, you will see some traffic on the Canadian borders as several people buy and import to Canada various vehicles of different models and make.

Our short guide will help you on the basics of car importing in Canada including ITN number request. If there are any confusions or queries related to car importing, you can always approach a reliable customs broker and get it sorted.

Car importing in Canada with Guidelines and support:

Vehicles that are not manufactured or authorized for sale in the US can be allowed for driving in Canada. In most cases, only vehicles manufactured in the United States can be imported to Canada as only these comply with the Motor Safety Act requirements. It is a fair deal as the list of manufacturers in the United States is huge that you don’t have to look for vehicles elsewhere.

In only special or limited cases a small number of vehicles other than the USA maybe allowed for personal use. However, it may add to cost as you may have to modify your vehicle and pay additional duties, taxes, and fees to get a vehicle clearance and import clearance certificate from Canadian authorities.

How can a customs broker help in car importing in Canada?

One of the major reasons customs agents are hired for car importing in Canada is to understand the law and rules better. Not all vehicles of the United States are also allowed in Canada. Also, the process of car importing may look complicated as not many are clear of the rules, laws, and terms of the country. For instance, some vehicles are not allowed for importing as per the Registrar of Imported Vehicles.

Moreover, a customs agent helps in speeding up the ITN number request. Thus, importing a vehicle seems like a smooth sail with an agent by the side. They are also aware of the people around and thus, the clearance on car importing is faster than otherwise.

Contact your nearest customs clearance firm and hire an agent to complete the formalities on your behalf. A professional customs company will guide you on the entire process on car importing well.