The study of people, societal norms, religion and their cultures have been evolving (in an advanced way) since the start of time. By now, it has grown so complicated (and in a ‘forward-thinking’ way) that it is sometimes difficult to understand and analyze the patterns without guidance of a mentor. And knowing sociology is critical (one of the most important subjects that you must know), mainly for students who daydream of working in a government agency. That’s why the board introduced the subject ‘Sociology’ in the UPSC exam syllabus as an optional course. With the best sociology optional coaching, there is no reason why you cannot ace the test.

Why sociology?

Sociology is the study of people, their religion, politics, today’s government norms and their strategies, cultures and all the other aspects that make society today. There is hype for sociology not just in India but everywhere in the world. But when we scrutinize our research on Indian culture, usually students study sociology as a part of their UPSC (and other government exam) curriculum by enrolling in the sociology optional test series(or any online courses). So how exactly does sociology help students today? With the rise of new strategies that the government has been enforcing in recent years, it is essential not just for government employees but also for the citizens of India to familiarize themselves with the Indian culture and practices. If not for academics, it will help you to understand life in its political form.

By taking sociology optional coaching online, you can easily understand the history of our nation. Not just that, but you can also learn about various aspects like racial divisions, bureaucracy, social stability and instability, crime rate, religion and cultural practises, etc. It helps us understand the consequences of human actions and the factors that are behind the intent. By learning the theory and applying it to practical applications, you can not only educate yourself, but you will also have a broader scope on how every political aspect works, thus giving you an edge when compared to everyone else around you.

Advantages of sociology

In addition to all the aspects that we mentioned above, a few more additional advantages will help you get a keener insight on the subject at hand.

  • Sociology is one of the most flexible optional subjects you can consider. Not only does it help you score, but it also gives you an edge when it comes to essay writing because you have more knowledge on how the mindset of people works.
  • The success ratio in the UPSC sociology subject is very high compared to the rest, and therefore, it will be easy for you to understand and apply the concepts at the time of the test. Almost 90% of the people scored highest in sociology compared to the other subjects in the curriculum.
  • Sociology is one of the most generalized topics. It gives an overall few of the civics, philosophy, religion, and literature and economics part of social sciences. Therefore, taking up sociology as a part of your curriculum will also help you score well in the general knowledge part of the subject.
  • Sociology gives a different perspective on the same universe. Therefore, you will have a better idea of all the dimensions at your wake, thus understanding humans at a deeper level.
  • When you apply for sociology, then to master it, you must browse through many books. As we know books are our closest friends and therefore doing so will increase your knowledge in other aspects. Not just that, but it also improves your research skills, and you can apply them anywhere in your future.
  • Sociology being a study of today’s society will help you regardless of the curriculum. Therefore, it will help you with marks, but it will also help you lead a respectful life in society. It will keep you away from judgment as you are familiar with what is right and wrong.