Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are responsible for some of the most devastating accidents on California roads. Unfortunately, victims often don’t get compensated for their injuries and losses, primarily because they aren’t sure how to file and win a claim. Truck accidents have a few inherent complexities. Hiring one of the experienced Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyers can help in many ways. In this post, we are discussing more on why hiring an attorney is so relevant for such cases. 

Determining fault

Victims typically have the hardest time determining fault and liability after a truck accident. Was the trucker at fault? What if the loading company was negligent? Was the vehicle maintenance company negligent to an extent? Did the trucking company do enough to screen and hire truckers? What if the vehicle had a manufacturing fault? It is important to understand that truck accidents are very different from car accidents because you cannot just blame the driver alone. Many truck accident claims have multiple parties named, and to find fault and evidence, you have to hire a lawyer. 

Gathering evidence

If you don’t act immediately after a truck accident, you may lose out on the evidence. Your lack of legal knowledge and limited understanding of such circumstances will only complicate things further. Also, remember that witnesses may hesitate to give a statement later. Let an attorney handle all of that for you after a truck accident so that you have the time to heal and recuperate. There is also the statute of limitations in California, which allows limited time for civil lawsuits. This could be important, especially when the insurance offer is not enough or your claim is denied. 

Getting money from the insurance company

People often make the mistake of assuming that the insurance representative would be empathetic to their situation, especially because of their injuries. Insurance companies definitely want premiums, but they don’t want to pay for claims. As such, they often adhere to tactics that are not in good faith. For instance, they may even try to blame you for causing the accident. This is also because the compensation for truck accident claims tends to be higher. 

No matter your circumstances, you should consider hiring a reliable truck accident attorney at the earliest. You have limited time to take action, and it is absolutely necessary to exercise your legal rights. Most attorneys in Sherman Oaks and LA will offer a free consultation for accident victims, and you can meet an attorney to discuss key pointers.