All of us love how wonderful the windows look just after we have got them thoroughly cleaned. But how often do we consider ourselves to get up and clean them? Also, we find the processes to be extremely tiring and tedious. This mostly happens because we do not put the right hacks into action. If we hire professionals instead of us doing it, we would get the best services at once. Here are some hacks which you can apply the next time you take up the task of cleaning the windows.

Ditch newspapers

It is a very common practice of homeowners to use old newspapers instead of paper towels to clean the glasses. This is a very smart as well as ecological practice. But the ink from the papers tends to land either on your hands or on the glasses. To keep things biodegradable, you can also use unused coffee filters and prevent your windows from streaking.

Learn using the squeegee

The windows always demand a bright shine but owners avoid cleaning them because they fear unwanted streaks on them. If you cannot avoid the streaks even with coffee filters, try using the squeegee. If you do not know how to use it, a YouTube tutorial will come to your rescue. You need to wipe the blades in between each swipe and change it once it turns dull. This will help you keep the window shinier.

Make your cleaning liquid

When owners hear about homemade cleaners, they often roll their eyes and rely upon the commercial ones. Little do they know how beneficial the home-brewed cleaners are and how damaging the commercial ones can be. To clean the windows thoroughly, all you need is water, vinegar as well as dish soap. The mixture must be made with two parts of water one part of soap and one-part vinegar. Spray the window with this before wiping it clean.

Take care of the details

Perfection is the key to keeping your windows alright during the cleaning process. You should clean it at the times of the day when the light is bright and you can pay attention to minute details. You can avoid the watermarks on the surface by using a soft T-shirt or a Q-tip. Remove the scratches by using non-gel toothpaste. Rub alcohol to remove the remains of stickers or decals.

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