There are so many types of floorings and techniques available on the market that it practically becomes very difficult to choose from the huge variety. Flooring is a very important facet of the house, which is going to add not only the aesthetic value, but since you will be in direct contact with it, it will add to the comfort of the house too.

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This article will serve as a floor sanding checklist for the reader.

Sanding and polishing

The two most important steps of keeping the hardwood flooring preserved are sanding and polishing. It depends on you whether you want to you both of them or either one of them. Let’s discuss how you can prepare floor for sanding and polishing.

As the name itself is suggestive of the process involved, polishing regenerates the previous shine of the floor. Needless to say, the floor does not become slippery in the process. Different products like wax, varnish or polish can be used for it. These products make a coating on the top layer of the floor.

Since they form a layer on the top layer of the floor, it does not penetrate inside of the flooring which is why, sometimes, it is not regarded as the best practice possible. If you polish a new floor, then it glows very differently in a positive manner. Another popular practice revolving around the flooring is sanding.

Sanding is a very effective practice to remove the damage, which occurs with time on the floor. All the unhealthy dry wood is removed in the process and as a result, you get a new fresh layer of flooring. In this process, the top layer of the timber is removed by sandpaper. Since this top layer is replete with dirt and allergens removing it will give a new life to the flooring.

Preparing the floor for sanding and polishing

Here are the steps that you can take to prepare the floor for sanding and polishing:

1-    Locate the area of the floor which exacts special attention.

2-    Make sure that the located area is cleared by removing all the furniture involved. Also, do not let your pets or kids wander near the area because they might inhale dirt and wood dust which is bad for health.

3-    Once the evacuation is done, provide sufficient space for professionals to work their magic. The machinery involved requires a good amount of housing space.


Flooring is very important and one of the best techniques to preserve the nature of the flooring is the sanding and polishing done together.