Individuals and even governments contract huge projects to firms like Galloway & Company, Inc. civil engineering in Denver. The enormity of civil construction requires the input of civil engineers capable of performing flexible roles in the project. Engineers are the core of a construction team for good reasons.

Project Planning

Civil construction works require a good deal of planning. There are materials, equipment, and human resources to manage. Poor management of resources can result in grievous challenges to the entire project. Civil engineers may take on the role of project planners, stepping in to organize the project in stages, drafting schedules and job functions, and handling paperwork. This crucial role is critical to the successful completion of the construction work. Without the delegations of activities, the workflow becomes clogged, and efficiency lags.

Project Execution

The interpretation of a plan is the responsibility of a civil engineer. The engineer has to explain the technical aspects, break down the various stages and requirements to follow for the whole project team to understand the plan and how it will run. Engineers are there to work closely with the workmen, regularly consult the plan to make decisions when challenges come up, and send reports to the project manager.

Safety Compliance

Construction firms like Galloway & Company, Inc. civil engineering in Denver take on civil engineers with certifications in occupational hazard and safety. It is quite vital for project management. Workplace safety is a focal subject in modern discussion due to the huge financial, legal, and medical implications that may proceed from safety incidents. Civil engineers are also tasked with compliance with state building and construction laws.

Communication, Report, and Logistics

Site engineers facilitate communication between the team and clients or other designated superiors. They are also in charge of collecting, harmonizing, and submitting daily, weekly or other schedules of reports. Logistics and transportation management is another essential role the civil engineer can take on. Engineers are typically known to travel between construction sites a lot as they oversee the project.


For public construction works, civil engineers are indispensable in crafting beautiful structures. Parks, stadiums, museums, and other projects need to meet certain aesthetic standards. Civil engineers design and plan the entire structure then oversee the project. Galloway & Company, Inc. civil engineering in Denver engineers with vast experience go all out in creating beautiful civil projects.