I have mastered the art of making delicious scalloped potatoes that maintains their form without breaking. This wonderful dish looking pizza-like due to the pattern of making it can be best enjoyed alone or with other types of food. It is not selective and can fit in with almost any meal type or occasion. It is very important that while cooking it, it does not crumble or scatter apart. One of the appeals. of this food is how appetizing it looks when the food is not broken into two or into smaller bits. 

Making scalloped potatoes that maintain their form does not start from the baking process in the oven but how the potatoes are been prepared. This tells a lot if the potatoes will come out the way they should come out. One of the most important things to note is that while slicing the potatoes, the sizes must be thin and not thick. You should also make sure that you maintain the same size of cutting. Do not cut some sizes too big and cut others thin. Arrange the potatoes on the plate neatly and place them in the oven. Make sure it is arranged on top of each other and it is best to share the potatoes into three bowls to make this process easier. Arrange the content in the first bowl in the plate you are using to make your Scalloped potatoes

It is best to boil your ingredients and switch on your oven so that it can heat up. Make sure to boil your onions, pepper, garlic, and butter. Also, add your flour to this mix and stir leaving it to heat up with the ingredients. Then, you add your milk, Salt, and pepper and stir leaving it to boil for sixty seconds. Make sure the baking pan or plate is oiled with butter so that it will not be difficult to remove your potatoes once it is ready. This can cause it to break while trying to come off. You can now add part of the ingredients mix over the first bowl of potatoes you poured into the baking plate, next you add the second bowl of potatoes and arrange it so that it is in a layered form and you pour part of the ingredients mix over the potatoes in the baking plate or bowl, make sure the ingredient mix is well spread. Add the last bowl of potatoes and make sure it is well arranged. Add your ingredient mix and leave it to the bake. 

After an hour thirty minutes, it should be ready and you can confirm it by the texture of the potatoes, it should be soft and the color of the potato will be golden yellow with brown edges.