Now and then we hear about the heat, the first thing that circulates in our mind is humidity and sticky atmosphere. This is the time we set our air conditioner at the lowest level to get relax in the scorching heat. 

But, there is a report mentioning that if you want your house to be warmer, you should keep the thermostat at 78°F when you at home. By doing this, it takes less energy rather than trying to quickly lower down the temperature. It is a wake-up call for the homeowners as they have to stop relying on the common air conditioning myths. Start saving your hard-earned cash by debunking the biggest myths of all time associated with air conditioners.

Myth 1 – Your home will start cooling fast by turning down the thermostat

If you are thinking that by lowering down the temperature your AC will run fast, then you are wrong because it will continue at the same pace. 

Myth 2 – Large capacity AC give more performance

This is a common misconception amongst people. If you are into buying a larger capacity AC, then it will force the compressor to quickly turn on and off. This results in wear out. 

Myth 3 – You don’t have to change the filters for a year

Air filters play their role by collecting the dust and dirt causing poor airflow. Hence, the air conditioner unit has to work hard. 

Myth 4 – Thermostat location has nothing to do with air quality 

According to the experts, a thermostat should always be installed away from heat or cooling sources. This means you should place it where you can read the average temperature.

Myth 5 – Fans used with air conditioners are meant to keep a room cool

The role of fans is to move the air in a room, but that doesn’t mean they affect the air temperature. They are not designed to make the room cool. 

The final words

The air conditioners might cause problems for the homeowners. In such circumstances, it is better to call experts from Abacus Air Conditioning Services. Visit our website to know more about our services.