In addition to being an essential part of any project, Roofs and roofs also deserve significant attention. In addition to being part of the property’s aesthetics, they also protect the interior from the weather, so they must be resistant and, at the same time, aesthetic. Today we will talk about roofs, materials, types of structures, coverage, and care. You can visit our website for more information.

Choosing The Roof

The choice of the roof is made when the project is carried out and, of course, with the help of a professional. In addition to the client’s taste, the type of construction and structure of the property must be considered. In the same way, the choice of materials is made, which must be based on the loads that the roof must support and other characteristics such as strength, degree of impermeability, thermal and acoustic insulation, and durability.

The Structure, Slope, And Water

The structure of a roof is defined by a set of factors: the architecture of the building, the type of roof, and the load it will support. The materials used to manufacture a roof structure can be metal, concrete, and wood.

Another important detail in any roof is the slope. The correct slope of a roof is crucial for the aesthetic part and to have the correct drainage of rainwater. The roof pitch is defined by the type of tile used and is determined by the manufacturer.

The roof waters are the slopes that the roof will have, and that will define to which sides the rainwater will be directed. Roofs can be built with one, two, three, four pitches, and so on. The amount of water and directions must also be defined in the project design.

Roof Care

The structure for replacement and repairs should also be checked to verify that all parts are still assembled correctly, and there is no damage. On the other hand, the gutters and flashings must receive frequent cleaning, removing branches, leaves, and other types of debris, thus preventing them from being blocked, preventing the correct flow of rainwater, and causing possible leaks and infiltrations.