Dogs today have become a recognizable part of our society; in so many ways they have even been treated like humans, to the extent of having constitutional rights in some parts of the world like, right to be the recipient of wills and inheritance of their owners, the animal rights even enable dogs to have lawyers so why shouldn’t you as a human get registered with Denver dog bite attorney, etc.   Dogs are mammals that work on all fours, with fur skins, and sharp claws just like the wolves. It is believed that dogs are families of wolves; they are the domesticated breeds of wolves that have become man’s best friend hence their great resemblance with wolves. Scientific research has revealed that Dogs are actually domesticated offspring of Wolves that came around humans in search of leftover foods, thousands of years ago, that was when they came in contact with Humans and Humans being intelligent beings found ways to domesticate them, indoctrinate them into the human society and trained them to be more civil unlike their counterparts in the jungles spread across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Although dogs are largely perceived to be domestic animals and are treated as such, in recent times people have been heard asking different questions about this beautiful species of mammals, i.e. are dogs really domestic animals? If Dogs are domestic animals why do they bite? Why do they sound like wolves? Why do they even harm their owners sometimes? All these questions we will try to explain here.

Are Dogs wild Animals?

To a considerable extent they are, tracing their biological history, their fore-parents are wild scavengers, that devour and feast on other animals including humans, although they have been domesticated by human exercise and training it can be argued that right in their genes are still hidden the wild nature of their parents ( the wolves) Denver dog bite attorney and sometime this genes can override the human training and domestication they have, so it is reasonable to say that they are Semi wild/domestic animals.

Denver dog bite attorney why do Dogs Bite?

All animals are created with defense mechanisms to help defend themselves from danger, for example in snails, their defense mechanism is their shell which covers them as a shield when there is an incoming danger, in dogs it is their teeth and claws. So dogs actually bite to defend themselves from possible attacks especially, when they are approached by strangers, if you have been bitten in recent times or later by a dog it would do you a lot of good to inform Denver dog bite attorney.

Why do they sound like Wolves?

This is basically because they share the same genes and origin so they still share most traits and similarities the only difference is a change in habitat and training process.

Why they harm their owners sometimes?

Though dogs have lived thousands of years with humans we must forget that they are animals and the wild basic animal instincts in them dictate dominance and extreme protection of their territories, some owners forget when they maltreat their pet dogs, the major way dogs are domesticated is through love and care but when they are maltreated they get their wild animal instincts bad. Having neighbors with dogs could be fascinating but having them maltreat their dogs could spell doom both for them and people in their vicinity so it won’t be wrong to be registered with a Denver dog bite attorney