It is no secret that serious and fatal accidents happen quite often on the roads of California. A significant percentage of these accidents are reported in and around Los Angeles. If you end up in a crash in LA, you should take a few vital steps. Firstly, call the police and wait for an investigating officer to come to the scene. Next, call 911 if someone is injured. Even if you were at fault, do not admit the same or accuse anyone else. You may also want to inform your insurance company, but be vague and don’t share anything more than just the basic details. Once you feel okay and have received medical attention, call one of the reliable car accident attorneys Los Angeles. In this post, we share why hiring a lawyer is so crucial. 

Your fault makes a difference

California is an at-fault state with claimant-friendly rules. If you were at fault, you could still sue the other negligent driver. This remains a valid choice even when you were more at fault than them. However, the fault system in California is not biased either. Your fault share will determine what you get from the settlement awarded to you. Let’s say that you were 20% at fault, and your losses are estimated at $100,000. In this case, you can only recover $80,000 from the other party (or their insurer). The $20,000 that you lost is because of your fault. 

Hire an attorney so that you don’t end up with a lower settlement than you deserve. An experienced car accident lawyer can negotiate better with the at-fault party’s insurance company and ensure that you don’t settle for less.

Because you have suffered substantial losses

If you have endured serious losses because of the car accident, such as high medical bills, lost income, and the ability to earn in the future, you undoubtedly need a lawyer. Besides the economic losses, you can recover compensation for your pain and suffering, for which a multiplier is considered, depending on the circumstances. If your losses are severe, don’t wait for long to hire a lawyer because they can work on the case accordingly and ensure that there is enough evidence to prove the claim. 

Not to forget, lawyers know everything about car accident laws in California and can win their expertise to get you a reasonable reimbursement. The experience of an attorney can make a big difference to the case.