Many people don’t consider silverfish to be a legitimate pest, just like roaches or rodents. They are less talked about in the public, which is one of the reasons they may be so bothersome and perplexing. Silverfish are tiny and terrifying, and you must understand exactly how to get rid of them. If you discover that you have a silverfish outbreak in your house, you should find out how Stride Pest Control specialists can get rid of them and safeguard your family.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

There are a few distinct species of silverfish that might invade your home. Among the various varieties of silverfish are:

  • Bristletail silverfish
  • Common silverfish
  • Four-lined silverfish
  • Gray silverfish
  • Firebrat silverfish
  • Jumping bristletail silverfish

There are several different kinds of silverfish, and you can encounter both large and small ones. However, they all have the same general traits. The typical silverfish has six legs and is just about 3⁄4 of an inch long. They have an oval form and are often silver in color, as suggested by their name, while others are browner in hue.

The primary distinguishing feature of the silverfish that distinguishes it from other bugs is its “tails.” Because of them, some people refer to them as “bristletails” rather than “silverfish.” On the back of its body, a silverfish bears three tail-like or bristle-like extensions. The markings can be difficult to spot on certain little silverfish, but they are quite difficult to miss on larger silverfish.

Silverfish In Austin Homes: Telltale Signs

Due to their small size, silverfish are very easy to miss; nevertheless, even if you are unable to directly locate them, you may still be able to detect their presence in your house by looking for specific signals. Some of these many clues include things like feeding marks, which are tiny holes and notches that can be discovered in anything they eat. You can also detect yellow stains, scales, and feces near these materials. Most frequently, you’ll observe silverfish in your home nibbling on:

  • Furniture with upholstery
  • Clothes
  • Wallpaper
  • Books
  • Stocked meals
  • Paper
  • Toothpaste and shampoo

Silverfish can devour any of these things, and they can also readily infect some of the more delicate things in your house, including food, clothing, and hygiene. It is crucial that you discard these things right away in case you had a slight suspicion that a silverfish has been poisoning them.