Well, Diwali is a time of year that can be distressing for your dog. Amidst a lot of noises outside, your dog can get a panic attack. Dogs are very soft animals and they are not friendly for so many noises. Also, do not forget that their hearing capability is greater than ours. It means that the sound that is loud for us will be highly disturbing for them. No wonder on Diwali we find each pet in the corner of the home hiding from everyone and trying to find peace.

Is it normal for dogs to be scared of fireworks?

If this fear is developed suddenly then it is worth a checkup as there can be a bigger reason for this. Pain among many other things could be one of the primary reasons for the trouble. Reacting against loud sounds is a common defence mechanism for dogs. Firework phobia however is a more serious thing and is not normal and needs to be treated. Find Healthy Fresh Pet Food for your pet.

Symptoms of Firework Phobia in Dogs

The most common symptoms of firework phobia are shaking and trembling. Other symptoms could be

  • Hiding
  • Vocalizing
  • Wide Pupils
  • Defense Aggression
  • Panting
  • Drooling

How do you calm your Dog Against fireworks?


Before the fireworks, it is important that your dog is microchipped and all other details are correct. Many dogs run out of fear, thus priority should be securing the boundaries and making sure they can’t runoff. You can get Trusted Home Pet Grooming Service in Bangalore at your home in case you cannot go outside.

Create a Safe Space

Several weeks before the firework creates a safe area for your dog where there is very little noise. Drape the area with towels so that all the sounds are muffled properly in that area. Such a safe space in the home for a pet is proven to be. The biggest benefit for pets. If the dog is already accustomed to the space they will know where to go when they hear a hint of fireworks.


Dogs with stored energy tend to be more active than others. Exercise not only makes them tired but also releases happy hormones which makes them calm. Thus, you can take them for an early morning long walk.