Death is one of the traumatic memories that the COVID-19 left among many people across the globe. Many families have a hard time accepting the passing of their loved ones. But the challenge does not end there. For most families on a tight budget, it became difficult for them to fix the funeral, knowing that this could be expensive.

Some families consider cremation as this is a less expensive option than burial. However, there are still lots of ways to have an affordable cremation. If you wonder how to do this, here are a few tips on lowering the cremation cost.

Consider Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the basic type of cremation and typically costs hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. Direct cremation eliminates the need for a formal funeral and other pre-funeral events, as well as many customary funeral fees. There is no viewing, visitation, or wake before cremation. Therefore, no embalming or other body preparations are required. Instead of a casket, the body is usually cremated in a simple container. A memorial service can be arranged later, avoiding the need for a costly casket and funeral arrangements.

Buy a Cremation Urn Online 

Cremation urns are another area where shopping online can save you money. You are more likely to find a larger assortment and a lower price than buying directly from a funeral home.

Check the Rates

Shopping around and comparing prices is an often-overlooked aspect of planning a cremation. Many individuals are unaware that the cost of a funeral can vary by thousands of dollars between two funeral companies in the same city. Although pricing may vary depending on the items chosen, there is an average cost for cremation services. It may be easier to select the proper service if you know these and keep them in mind.

Government Assistance

Funerals and cremations can be paid for through local, state, and federal government programs. Check with your local social services, county treasurer, or public fiduciary to see if any systems are in place. These programs have various restrictions, especially because local government funds are scarce, making it more challenging to qualify for such programs. Check to make sure that you are eligible for this program.

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