If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with lots of counter space, you’ve undoubtedly pondered what to do with it while you’re not cooking. A well-decorated kitchen counter may help alleviate the sense of emptiness that a big kitchen can generate, as well as contribute to the overall beauty of your house.

The issue is how to design a kitchen countertop in a manner that is both attractive and practical. There are many possibilities! Listed below are a few of our favorites. So how to decorate kitchen counter? Let us discover.

Set of Utensils

Another option for practical ornamental kitchen countertop decorations is to collect your cooking tools in a ceramic container. It takes up a reasonable amount of room while still keeping those much-needed culinary utensils close at reach.

One tip: ensure that your set matches and complements one another, as seen in this picture. If it’s a mess of mismatched equipment, it will detract from rather than enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Two Vintage Kitchen Scales

If you like a rustic or vintage aesthetic, invest in a classic food scale such as this one. It’s certainly something you can use in the kitchen and also serves as a charming piece of counter décor.

It’s compact enough to leave enough counter space open, yet substantial enough to function as a statement piece.

Cutting Boards Made of Wood

You’re undoubtedly going to need to use cutting boards often when making meals, so you may as well decorate them to keep them handy. They have two elegant circular cutting boards in varying sizes leaning against the wall in this picture to save space without compromising the counter itself. It’s an excellent example of a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical.

Vibrant Stand Mixer

If you’re a baker, you presumably already own a standing mixer; if not, who doesn’t? They’re not only useful for a number of dishes, but they’re also attractive enough to keep out on the counter as décor. You may choose a brightly cultured mixer, such as this pink one, or something more conventional, such as stainless steel, to complement your appliances.

Bowls for Fruit or Serving

One certain method to ensure that your fruit spoils is to store it in a cupboard where your family will never see it or eat it. Rather of that, place it in a beautiful bowl such as this one and display it on the countertop.

  • Using an unsightly out-of-date spice rack as countertop décor is not ideal. Therefore, replace your rack with something more contemporary, such as this one.
  • If you’re going to do this, be sure to invest in attractive containers for your spices. These glass shakers are much more attractive than a collection of plastic shakers with colorful labels.

Glass Jars for Storage

If you have lots of counter space but not enough cabinet storage, invest in some glass storage jars to maximize your kitchen counter space. You may fill them with flour, sugar, or rice to keep the color neutral, or you can fill them with snacks and sweets for a more festive look (a cookie jar is always a good idea).

Potted Plant on a Cake Stand

Often, cake stands are tucked away in a cupboard and only brought out on special occasions. However, if you have some counter space, it makes an excellent piece of décor. Use the mix of all these ideas as well as Foyr Neo now.