P&C insurers are required to inform policyholders when their coverage is cancelled unconditionally. Once they don’t, along with a former policyholder’s claim is rejected, they could be billed with damages well more than the claim. To protect themselves, many insurers maintain various kinds of evidence that Cancellation Notices were sent.

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One compelling bit of Cancellation Notification evidence might be mobile application notifications sent to a canceled policyholder’s phone. The mobile application notifications could include links to Cancellation Notices which is logged for future reference, reducing doubt the policyholder is produced mindful of the insurance coverage plan was cancelled. This evidence creates a “digital audit trail” showing the insurer makes every reasonable effort to ensure that policyholders are notified of cancellation.

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While a mobile application notification won’t replace a government mandated, mailed Cancellation Notice in several statesFeature Articles, Insurers might help reduce the frequency and price to litigate “bad faith” cancellation lawsuits with the aid of mobile notifications for policyholder communication channels. Notification Management is most likely the precious advantages of a effective mobile policy services application. The low price of the mobile application is usually far underneath the cost of a single judgement within the insurer.