When you’re camming it is always good to look for new inspiration, or perhaps you are new to camming and you are looking for some ideas to try between pornstar and fan. This article is definitely going to be both informative and fun for you to read. Keep reading and take some knowledge away with you.

Top 3 Positions Your Fans Will Enjoy

It may be difficult to think of creative ways to show yourself to your clients on live video, but there are many creative ways that you can do this. We put together a list of the top 3 cam girl virtual sex positions that both pornstar and fan love:

Hands on the walls

You would place your camera with the backdrop of a wall and then turn around placing your hands on the wall, exposing the gorgeous view of your body from behind. You can push your bum out to show more of it and expose more of your vagina to your client. In this position, you can engage in either anal or vaginal sex with a toy.


You can have one leg on a stool or on your bed. So your supporting leg will be placed in a position where your vagina can be seen nicely close-up. It’s a big turn-on for your client to see a close-up like this of your vagina, being able to view all of the finer details of it. You can grab some toys and have some fun with your vagina in this position.

Legs up high

The missionary position actually has so many different styles with legs up high being one of them. You will face the cam with your vagina directly in the cam, putting your legs up high, so that your client can see both your buttocks and your vagina up close. Your legs can be supported by belts or rope. In this position, you can masturbate or play with some toys for your client’s pleasure and of course your own.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of different positions to try,  and it’s important to have fun while you do it. If you are having fun, your client will be having the time of his/her life and will keep coming back for more of you. This is ultimately what you want, to be creative and build a fanbase of regulars who keep coming back. Camming is super lucrative, but you do need to be unique in your approach to your shows in order to stand out amongst the rest between pornstar and fan.