When a divorce is finalized, you can get a copy of your divorce certificate along with other documents that verify the dissolution of your marriage. You will need copies of these documents when you must prove you are no longer legally married. These copies are available online through the Washington Department of Health and Washington State Archives. If you need another washington state divorce record, you can also use these locations. In general, requesting a copy of a divorce certificate is more affordable than getting a copy of a divorce decree. 

Requesting Copies

Since Washington is an open record state, any member of the public can order a copy of divorce records including divorce certificates. But, this person must be able to give the necessary information to find the record. Usually, official records are available online. Thus, those who wish to get a copy of their divorce decree must go to the related government website and look for the specific record. But, copies can also be obtained in person through the court clerk’s office.

You must get a copy of your divorce certificate, visit the office of the court clerk. You must show identification to do so. The cost of the copy often ranges between $10 and $50. It can take from one week to six months to get the document.

Moreover, an experienced divorce attorney can search the court records and prepare the certificate for you. With their services, you don’t have to go through any hassles. 

Divorce certificates can also be obtained from third-party websites for a fee. These websites have easy-to-use platforms and usually ensure a quick turnaround on the copies you need. They will ask you to provide your personal information to them and they will send your copies to your email. These services are often ideal if you need to get your documents as soon as possible.

Reasons for Getting a Copy of Divorce Certificates

You might have to obtain a copy of your divorce certificate when you apply for a new passport and must prove your marriage has been dissolved. Also, if you want to remarry in a state that requires proof of your marriage’s termination for the issuance of a marriage license, you need to get a copy of the certificate. In addition, it is a good idea to access your own records if you plan to move to another state. This way, you can easily set up legal documents such as driver’s licenses and bank accounts.