Nowadays people are suffering from many foot-related conditions, among them Hammertoes is quite common. In this case, the person can find it difficult and painful to bend the toe and this also creates problem while walking. To deal with it let us know a bit more about them and how to deal with it.

Where to get the best treatment?

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About Hammertoes

It is a condition where the major issue is the bent of the toe joint. Due to this one of the toes gets bent downward leading to a claw-like formation. This makes the movement of the toe very difficult and painful. This gets worse when it is left untreated. However, many people are not aware of it until they visit a podiatrist. Hence, if you observe even small symptoms consult your nearest podiatrist Irvine.

Causes and symptoms of the Hammertoes

This happens due to muscular imbalance and stiffening of the muscle, which gradually bends the joint along with the toe. It generally occurs due to tight-fitting shoes that exert pressure and compresses the toe in an inappropriate position. However, some of its common symptoms with which you may have Hammertoes are:

  • Bending of the toe downward.
  • Developing corn in the toe region
  • Pain and difficulty with wearing the shoe and walking
  • Redness and swelling of the toe

If you observe any of the symptoms kindly get checked with your nearest orange county podiatrist as soon as possible to avoid major complications.

How to get relief from Hammertoe’s pain?

The Hammertoes can be very painful, which can make it extremely difficult for you to move your toe or even to wear any kind of footwear. So, there are certain things with which you can manage to reduce the pain. They are:

  • Relax your toe – due to the stiffened and bent joint, it will be quite difficult and painful to move the toe hence, try to give your toe a good rest and don’t allow yourself to move unnecessarily.
  • Protective paddling – with time, gradually corns and callus start forming from the tissues of the Hammertoes. Hence, try to prevent it by using protective pads. If you already have developed corn or callus, you need worry as it would not allow the corn or callus to rub against anything.
  • Wear the right shoe – try to wear, comfortable and loose sandals or slippers that will allow the free movement of the toe and won’t add extra compression over the toe. Also, avoid footwear with heels as it will worsen the symptoms.
  • Usage of custom orthotics – these are the shoe inserts that will provide extra support and comfort to your toe. Also, it is more helpful for the person with structural and muscular complications.
  • Proper medication – you can consult with your podiatrist and take prescribed medications for the improvement of your toe. If your toe gets swelled then you can take anti-inflammatory, antihistamine drugs or medications to reduce the pain and the inflammation of the affected toe.
  • Ice massage over the toe – you can give a good massage to your affected toe to reduce its swelling and to get a bit of relief from pain. The ice makes the blood supply increase which can give you relief from the pain for quite some time.
  • Usage of toe straightener – for the bent toe you can use the toe straightener with the permission of your podiatrist to help your toe to get back normal to its previous posture slowly. 
  • Exercise – there is a certain exercise that you must go through as it helps the toe to stimulate blood circulation. It will reduce the pain as well as helps your toe with the condition.
  • Surgery – in extreme cases, the blood supply to the bent toe can get blocked, due to which the toe gradually gets numb and may undergo necrosis. Hence, consult your podiatrist to go through a running vascular test. If it gets worse then you may go for surgery under the supervision of the all-time great doctors.

The surgery option can help you with permanent relief from the Hammertoes pain.

How to prevent Hammertoes?

As we all know, prevention is better than cure, hence we should try to avoid such conditions before it affects your life. You can prevent the Hammertoes by wearing the right size shoes. Pay special attention if you are diabetic or have any kind of issues that can affect your blood circulation. You can go for a foot massage to improve your blood circulation.


With proper tips, you can easily reduce and get rid of your Hammertoes pain. Also, get the treatment before it turns out to be severe.