When you get injured, you deserve to get compensation for the injuries. Writing a demand letter is a crucial step in seeking compensation. You can either write the letter on your own or seek help from a Portland personal injury lawyer to make the process more straightforward. A demand letter is a letter that you send to the insurance company of the other party. In this blog, you will understand how to write a winning demand letter to get maximum compensation. But before understanding that, you must know the components of a demand letter.


Describe in detail how the accident took place and why the other party is at fault. Make sure that you mention the facts such as police reports, and eyewitness statements. 

Comparative negligence

In some cases, you might be partially involved in the accident, but nowhere in the demand letter should you admit that. You may decide to claim a fair compensation amount keeping your carelessness in mind. However, it is not your responsibility to discuss comparative negligence unless the other party brings the question.

Injuries and treatment

Describe your pain and emphasize the sufferings you had to bear due to the injury but don’t make it over dramatic as the insurance company won’t listen to you if they think everything is fake. Moreover, use exact medical terminologies wherever required for example use term slipped disc instead of back strain. 

Lost Income

It would be best to mention the lost income due to your inability to go to the office during the healing period. Give reference to the letter given by the employer about the lost revenue. If you have your own business, explain with numerical how you lost the income.

Other losses

Do mention the discomfort, inconvenience, or embarrassment you had to face due to the injury. You have the right to receive extra compensation keeping these factors in view. 

Concluding paragraph about the amount

In the last paragraph, mention the amount you want as compensation. As a general thumb rule, ask for an amount 75% or 100% more than the calculated amount so that you get the appropriate amount even after negotiations. 

Key takeaway

A demand letter is an integral part of your claim that you can personalize and draw the insurer’s attention. So make sure you take a considerable amount of time in drafting the letter and do not forget to attach the supporting documents.