It is expected that by 2030, AI will penetrate the most diverse areas of our lives. Old jobs will disappear, and new jobs will appear. We follow the development of artificial intelligence with fascination and curiosity. Of course, you can be afraid of AI and tell everyone about the terrible future. But it is much better to look for new opportunities! Because artificial intelligence needs a person.

Which peculiarities can solve the main AI problem?

The problem (and the threat at the same time) of artificial intelligence is that a fairly powerful artificial intelligence will rely on a software shell full of errors and imperfections created by humans. In addition, this experiment may turn out to have so many unforeseen variables that it is almost impossible to predict today what the consequences of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution will be. Thus, the main advantages of using AI for today are the following:

  • AI to create new formats of entertainment and business.
  • Development and distribution of “smart” houses.
  • Automation of traffic regulation in cities for convenience and safety.

Black interface that allows you to create adult pictures

Nudify is an AI nudufier with a laconic black interface that allows you to create adult pictures based on photos. You can generate naked girls without any special programming skills. A wide range of tools makes it possible to hone your skills in creating nudity photo content with naked girls. It is also possible to view the works of other site users.

In addition to generators for creating nude images, there are neural networks that can undress girls. You just need to upload photos into, and then the AI will do everything itself. This is an interesting option for experimenting and creating deep fakes. It can be successfully used to create its individual naked elements; therefore they will serve as an effective help for a designer of any level.