Pizza is a full meal in itself. Of course, you can buy some fries and soda with it, but a well-made pizza can be totally satisfying. 

How about ordering a fresh pizza from a nearby outlet? Montreal has some really good pizza places and others are fairly decent. 

Since pizzas satisfy your hunger pangs and are a comfort meal, you might want to order in time and again. It’s going to be too expensive if you buy pizzas every third day or every week. 

Here’s a quick post that highlights the tips to save money every time you order a pizza in Montreal. Let’s get started! 

Looking for promo codes and coupons 

In case there is an option of choosing a promo code or coupon – feel free to do that. You will find many pizza places that accept promo codes. 

This will help you save a few bucks. Now, this isn’t a sure-shot way of saving money. Coupons and promo codes may or may not exist. 

Combo Offers are the best 

You might have heard about the famous pizza place – Double Pizza food delivery. They offer pizza combo offers. These include medium pizza, fries, and Pepsi. When you opt for combo offers, you pay less and get more. 

This is great for those who have a large family to feed. Your kids aren’t going to make peace with two pizza slices – maybe they want more. 

There’s no such thing as having enough pizzas. You are going to need extra pizzas for kids and even adults. 

The good thing about pizzas – everyone loves them so much! 

What’s the special offer? 

Once again, Double Pizza has some special offers like a cookie, large pizza, and small fries available at less than 19 dollars. That’s a small price to pay for such an amazing combo! 

You need to look for such offers because they help you save money and enjoy different dishes at a lower cost. 

Check the official website of the pizza place or call them up to check the special offer of the season/day. 

Signing up for loyalty programs 

When you sign up for loyalty programs, you get emails and messages about the latest offers. Perhaps the pizza place will offer discounts to loyal members. 

You need to grab such offers when you find the messages on your phone or email. 

Loyal members are always going to get special discounts! 

Concluding Thoughts 

Double Pizza has some excellent offers for people living in Greater Montreal and other regions of Canada. 

You might want to grab the offers and have a fun-filled pizza weekend. 

Use the above-mentioned tips to save more and buy more pizzas!