Finding a job has become increasingly competitive in the past few years. As people gain more and more qualifications and experiences it becomes harder for business owners to select the right employee for the positions that need filling. The only way to get more chances and more offers is by improving your job application.

But how should you go about improving your application?

  1. Make sure there are no errors

This seems quite obvious but you would be amazed at how many people skip proofreading or simply rely on online editing tools to fix any errors in their application. While these tools could potentially help you notice certain errors not all of the suggestions they make are always right. This is why you must proofread everything a few times.

  1. Read the job description

Just because the job title applies to you, that does not always mean that you will be fully aware of everything the company is looking for. By reading the job description you can adapt your application to better fit their requirements. You can also place more importance on skills and abilities that are directly related to those the company is looking for. This will help make your application stand out more.

  1. Always use a professional name and email address

If you are applying for a job always do so using a professional email address. Getting a job nowadays is not always a matter of fitting all the right boxes, it is also about not fitting the wrong ones. By using an unprofessional name or address recruiters will assume you are not able to distinguish between what is appropriate in a professional setting and what is not. They may even reject your application because of that reason. Therefore, take a moment to create a professional email address to improve your application.

  1. Use keywords carefully

Many people have heard about software and AI used by companies to quickly scan the applications submitted. Most of the time this type of software is looking for specific keywords. By using keywords relating to your skill, experience, and knowledge throughout your resume and cover letter in the right places you can improve your chances of finding a job.

  1. Keep everything concise

Recruiters are going through hundreds of resumes and CVs per day. In most cases, they may not even spare more than a few glances at your application. This is why you should try to keep your CV as concise as possible. That does not mean omitting important details. Instead, it means ensuring that everything important about you and your skills can be read at a glance. Always try to be as thorough and concise as possible when making your job applications to increase your chances of getting recruited.

If you would like to learn more about the job application process or about how to make a great first impression if called back for an interview you can try this website.