Incorporating anal toys into your partnered play is a great way to build intimacy and explore new sensations. Cirilla’s store offline anal toys work to stimulate all the pleasurable nerve endings in the butt and can be enjoyed by people of all genders and sexualities. These thrilling toys are also a fantastic way to prepare for anal sex as they help you relax the anal muscles, preparing them for penetration.

  1. B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Rimming Plug

When it comes to backdoor play, high-end sex toy brand B-Vibe from Cirilla’s store offline know what they are talking about. And when it comes to couple’s anal play, the B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Rimming Plug is near unbeatable. This innovative anal vibrator incorporates rotating beads with five speeds to replicate the feeling of a rim job. Crafted from seamless silicone, this powerful plug features an additional motor located in its tip with six vibration patterns to ensure every pleasurable nerve ending is targeted. What makes the Rimming Plug perfect for couple’s play is its wireless remote control that works from up to 30 feet away. Whether you want to put your pleasure in your partner’s hands or be the one in control, this plug is a must-have in your sex toy collection.

  1. Ditto by We-Vibe

Get ready to revel in partnered backdoor bliss with the help of Ditto by We-Vibe courtesy of Cirilla’s store offline. This remote-controlled butt plug features a slim, streamlined body made from silicone which is perfect for those new to anal play. Ditto features 10 vibration modes which can be controlled with the included wireless remote or via We-Vibes free We-Connect app, letting you stimulate your partner from anywhere in the world. Thanks to its flexible design and deep vibrations, Ditto is particually good for targeted prostate stimulation – but can also be enjoyed by those without a P spot!

  1. Le Wand Hoop

New sensations are just around the corner with the Lewand Hoop. Perfect for partnered play, this stainless steel wand features a curved shape that allows your lover to hold and manoeuvre it with ease. With a rippled texture and two bulbous ends, this hoop is especially good for pleasure seekers and those who are already well-versed in anal play. Are you ready for a challenge?