Do you remember the manipulated wooden flooring? Either way, maybe you should. Of the three types of hardwood floors that are commonly used throughout the house, hardwood floors are most likely all for everyone. Before you start on the first of the first wooden floors you saw, don’t forget to compare them with the main competitors. These were solid wood floors and laminate floors.


Comparing what wood floors and solid wood floors look like is really a little crazy. In fact, the top layer, which is exactly what you see, maybe the same depending on the types of wood, not the types of floors. After all, the top layer of wood flooring consists of a thin piece of solid wood. However, the laminate can be very different in appearance from that of the one being handled. You find a laminate wood floor that looks very fake, and then you turn around and find that a flooring expert has to kneel to say it’s not a solid or artificial wood floor. Since this is the same thing, it’s easy to say that hardwood floors look solid, at least initially.

Constructed wooden floors are stronger than laminate floors

Believe it or not, you need to consider the sound before choosing a wood floor. The most common thing that everyone on your floor will probably do is step on the floor, and there will be a sound every time your foot hits the floor. Interestingly, you can see the biggest difference between these three types and sometimes the different brands in the sounds they emit. Laminate wood floors, for example, are often identified by their hollow sound. There are manufacturers who announce their new laminates without this problem. Your typical solid wood floor on the other hand won’t make much noise. That, of course, changes when it’s not new. After a few years, maybe even decades, solid wood floors will start to make crackling noises, which laminate can never do. Artificial wood floors can go one way or another; some have a hollow voice, but most do not. They start to scratch less, but it happens. I would say that if the cracking doesn’t really bother you so much that you don’t even want to think about this possibility, manipulated wooden floors are behind solid floors in terms of sound quality.

Damage inspection

In addition to concrete, the solid wood floor is almost as strong. Even if it is damaged, it can often be repaired. Yes, it’s easy, although it’s not hard to scan before. You can also polish and repaint the manipulated wooden floor, but not too often. Depending on the brand and type, you may need to shake it several times, but this top layer is usually so thin that it is very limited. Deep damage as such, as well as laminate, can easily force you to replace the boards to maintain a quality appearance. The laminate, like a resin-coated picture, is no longer ready.

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