Following an unfortunate accident in Kent, you have many things to worry about. If you have sustained serious injuries, your immediate concern should be your recovery. Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Washington doesn’t have to be complicated, but winning a settlement takes much more. If you are wondering whether you need a Kent injury lawyer, here are the seven benefits worth paying for. 

  1. Your injury lawyer can explain your rights and legal options. Each type of personal injury case is different, and it is absolutely necessary to understand what you can do and cannot do in given circumstances. Your lawyer can explain these key details. 
  2. Your injury lawyer can get you a higher settlement. Top injury lawyers know what it takes to negotiate and get a fair settlement. Their experience in and out of the court can be useful for your claim.
  3. Your injury lawyer can gather evidence. As a claimant, you are expected to prove everything you say in your claim. If you hire a lawyer, they will investigate on your behalf and ensure that you have reliable and credible evidence. 
  4. Your lawyer can deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies have no interest in offering a settlement. They want the parties to go settle things in a trial so that they can get away with the claim. With an attorney working on the claim, you can expect better negotiations. 
  5. Your injury lawyer can help with the trial. Personal injury lawsuits don’t typically need a trial. Going to court could be an expensive option but could be necessary in some cases. If you need to file a civil lawsuit, you will do better when an attorney handles the proceedings. 
  6. Your injury lawyer can help with other costs. Clients are required to pay for court fees, investigation & related expenses. If you don’t have the money right away, your attorney can advance these expenses until you win. 
  7. Your lawyer can help you with key decisions. Should you accept the insurance offer or file a lawsuit? Can you share the fault impact on your settlement? If yes, what can you possibly do? Your lawyer can make key decisions for you. 

All injury lawyers work on a contingency fee in Kent. You don’t have to pay the lawyer upfront, and that could be a huge benefit if you are under financial pressure. Call an attorney soon after the accident.