Day: January 25, 2022

Montrose car crash: Your guide to Colorado laws

If you ever end up being injured in a car crash in Montrose, or anywhere in Colorado, knowing your rights and legal responsibilities will come in handy. Colorado was a no-fault state before 2003, but things are different now. If you suffered losses or injuries in an auto accident, you could claim compensation…

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Car accident 101: Reasons to hire an attorney in Los Angeles

It is no secret that serious and fatal accidents happen quite often on the roads of California. A significant percentage of these accidents are reported in and around Los Angeles. If you end up in a crash in LA, you should take a few vital steps. Firstly, call the police and wait for…

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How to Plan the Best Reunion

First, decide whether this is a one-time event or a yearly reunion. If the former, plan for more time than a yearly reunion. Remember that activities for a 25-year reunion will be different than those for a yearly reunion. Determine the number of people who will be attending. Identify a date range and…

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